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EASTEC Metal Additive Technology 101 – Technology Choices and Applications

CCAT’s Jeff Crandall, additive manufacturing research and applications engineer, will lead the Metal Additive Technology 101 session at EASTEC 2017, the East Coast’s premiere manufacturing event on May 16 from 10:45 am-1:00 pm.

Additive Manufacturing using metals is a broad spectrum of technologies that are emerging from a laboratory tool into mainstream manufacturing. Whether you’re just interested in learning more about the technology, or are trying to decide if adding it to your business makes sense and cents, this two-hour session will be informative.

Designed as a tutorial, Technology 101 will explore the evolution of additive manufacturing; the basics of various metal additive technologies, including materials, characteristics, attributes, processes and equipment; and new industry trends. The session will cover the costs and logistics involved in bringing the technology into your business as well as provide guidelines to help determine the right technology for you.

On This Day

On This Day

On this day in history, February 9th 1963, the first flight of the Boeing 727 occurred. The Boeing 727 was the first commercial airplane to break the 1,000-sales mark, but it started out as a risky proposition. The 727 was designed to service smaller airports with shorter runways than those used…

Esty says manufacturing jobs not ‘dirty, dark and dangerous’ during Plainville visit

U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty attempted to clear up misconceptions about manufacturing jobs Tuesday while touring Connecticut Tool and Manufacturing. “It’s not dirty, dark and dangerous,” said Esty, a Democrat representing the 5th Congressional District. “We’re trying to get the word out.” Esty recently authored the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act…