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Discover how we drive industrial innovation and talent development. From the latest in additive manufacturing to upskilling programs, CCAT is your partner in navigating the evolving landscape of modern industry. Engage with us to build a future rooted in sustainable growth and technological advancement.
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We partner with the world’s leading organizations to efficiently bring leading-edge products to market.

Solving the challenges of modern manufacturing with emerging technologies and techniques.

Innovate beyond boundaries.

Our programs, training, and funding cultivate organizations fit for the modern world.

Explore new possibilities using model-based definition.

From advanced engineering and design techniques, to manufacturing execution and technology adoption, we can help speed up your processes.

Upskill your teams to power the adoption of emerging tech.

Elevate your teams’ abilities and adoption of new technologies to create a modern workforce that pushes innovation and increases velocity.

Apply for technology innovation grants and funding.

We offer funding to help manufacturers acquire the skills, tools and resources needed to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving landscape.
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Britney Isherwood, President of Burke Aerospace.
"A process that took up to 12 weeks to complete, now takes less than two weeks. We transformed a key section of our business using our new additive manufacturing systems."
Britney Isherwood, President
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