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Woman using VR headset to review gear assembly in 3D space.
At CCAT, we're spearheading a Connecticut industry-driven initiative to bolster the global competitiveness of the state's supply chain. Our Digital Transformation Program offers vital demonstrations, training, and support for digital technologies, focusing on four key technology areas: industrial internet of things, model-based definition, adaptive automation and extended reality.

Empowering Industries through Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation Program provides demonstrations, training, and adoption support of digital technologies.
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Streamlined Manufacturing

Experience improved efficiency and reduced errors with our leading-edge technology, including Model-Based Definition (MBD), IIoT, and Adaptive Automation.
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Enhanced Quality Control

Elevate product quality and precision by leveraging our metrology center and capabilities, tailored to meet your specific manufacturing requirements.
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Advanced Training and Collaboration

Foster workforce skills and teamwork through our innovative Extended Reality (XR) services, optimizing productivity and cost-effectiveness


Engineer designing an engine assembly in 3D software.

01. Model-Based Definition

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is an innovative approach to product design and documentation that replaces traditional 2D drawings with comprehensive 3D digital models. MBD provides numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced communication in the design and manufacturing process. By utilizing MBD, manufacturers can streamline production, improve quality control, and achieve cost savings, making it an invaluable tool in advanced manufacturing processes.

02. Industrial Internet of Things

Unlike the consumer-based Internet of Things, IIoT aims to monitor and optimize production processes, reducing manufacturing variability and machine downtime using intelligent sensors and systems. IIoT projects support offered by CCAT enables companies to harness the full power of their data, helping to automate operations and improve decision-making.

03. Adaptive Automation

This discipline introduces a new level of flexibility into manufacturing environments. Adaptive automation technologies can self-adjust to variations in production volume and type, learning from data patterns to optimize performance. This is particularly beneficial for companies that require frequent production changeovers or have varying product cycles.

04. Extended Reality

Extending beyond Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), XR encompasses a broad range of immersive experiences that could be purely synthetic or a hybrid of digital and physical elements. The Extended Reality capabilities at CCAT aim to educate companies on how to use these technologies for training, remote work, design visualization, and other applications.

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