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January 5, 2024

Fueling Innovation: Connecticut Manufacturers Eligible for $100K Grant to Boost 3D Printing Capabilities

January 5, 2024 (East Hartford, Conn.) – The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) announced a new initiative this week, as six Connecticut manufacturers are set to receive a collective $600,000 in grants to support the adoption of additive manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing Adoption Program (AMAP II), a competitive grant program developed by CCAT and the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund (MIF) Advisory Board to improve manufacturers’ operations and drive innovation, is open to manufacturing companies with less than 300 employees interested in enhancing their operations with new additive technologies such as high-end 3D metal and polymer printers to produce functional parts, tooling and fixtures. Each company will receive a $100,000 matching grant to be leveraged with an equal or greater amount of company funding. The application window opened Jan. 1 and will run through Feb. 29, 2024.

“Additive manufacturing technologies have advanced tremendously and continue at an accelerated rate. Fostering the integration of AM technology across the Connecticut supply chain is crucial for maintaining the state’s renowned advanced manufacturing capabilities,” said Ron Angelo, President and CEO of CCAT. “Witnessing the enthusiastic interest and commitment of Connecticut manufacturers to invest in cutting-edge technology is truly exciting, ensuring their ability to innovate and elevate their production capabilities.”

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing product design and manufacturing, breaking through previous limitations in just a few years. This innovative technology allows the fabrication of once-impossible components using high-quality plastics and metals. Properly implemented, it enhances operational efficiency, reducing material waste, lead times, inventory levels, and the number of parts needed for assembly.  

“Our printer has already paid for itself, cutting our costs and lead times significantly. A process that took up to 12 weeks to complete now takes less than two weeks. We transformed a key section of our business using our new additive systems.”  BRITTANY ISHERWOOD, PRESIDENT OF BURKE AEROSPACE, 2021 AMAP RECIPIENT

“The 2021 AMAP program was a success,” said Paul Lavoie, Connecticut’s Chief Manufacturing Officer. “Based on our past success, the Manufacturing Innovation Fund Board has invested in the AMAP II program to continue to stimulate growth in additive manufacturing. Additive is a key area of innovation that will be necessary for our manufacturing companies to continue to be able to compete on a global scale. It has been gratifying to see the innovative ways these Connecticut manufacturers are approaching incorporating this emerging technology into their businesses.”

Manufacturers and community members are invited to CCAT’s Additive Support Open House on January 31, 2024, at the Advanced Technology Center in East Hartford to learn more. Register at  

For full eligibility details about AMAP II, including how to apply, visit


About MIF

The State of Connecticut established the Manufacturing Innovation Fund to support the growth, innovation, and progress of Connecticut’s advanced manufacturing sector. MIF provides financial support for a broad range of initiatives that ensure our state’s manufacturers remain leaders in productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Legislation passed in the recently concluded legislative session provided $20 million in new funding for the MIF over the biennium.

About CCAT

CCAT, a non-profit organization founded in 2004 and headquartered in East Hartford, Conn., is a dynamic and innovative applied technology and training organization that leads regional and national partnerships that assist global industrial companies and the manufacturing supply chain across industry sectors in driving advancements, efficiencies and the adoption of leading-edge technologies.

AMAP II Contact: Paul Striebel,  

Media Contact for CCAT: Denise Gordon,

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