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January 31, 2024

Connecticut Leads the Way In Affordable Tech for Small Businesses

By Bob Wilson, News8, WTNH

WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut is at the forefront of technological advancements, with artificial intelligence, collaborative robots, and 3-D printing becoming essential in businesses across the state.

The traditional image of manufacturing might conjure up thoughts about assembly lines and gritty shop floors, but in Connecticut, the landscape is transforming with the integration of robots, 3D printing, and additive manufacturing. The state is emerging as a leader in adopting these cutting-edge technologies.

“We are number two in the country in defense spending per capita basis, we are number two in shipbuilding, and we’re number one in aircraft engineering and aircraft parts manufacturing,” said Paul Lavoie, Connecticut’s Chief Manufacturing Officer. “This is a technology that is going to help them really revolutionize what they are making and also help them grow as well.”

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology alleviates the fear of the unknown by demonstrating how the technology not only works but how it can specifically benefit each company.

“It may be intimidating for sure, but we like to be able to show you what is possible,” said Dr. Jackie Garofano, CCAT’s Chief Technology Officer. “We like to be able to develop and bulletproof the process so that when we go to put this in your shop floor, it becomes plug and play.”

They even allow businesses to use the technology for free for up to six weeks, providing a hands-on experience.

“We have printers in our QuickStart program where we can loan you a printer at material costs only, for your company, and you get to try it out,” said Jeff Crandall, CCAT’s Senior Manager, Additive Technologies.

At CCAT, they not only allow hands-on experience with the equipment but also offer grants, with $100,000 grants available to business owners and manufacturers. There are still four weeks left to apply.

“We just bought a machine today, with some grant money they provided us, you have to stay up with it, here you can look around and I can ask questions and I’ll answer anything I need to know,” said Gary Stasiewski, Quality Engineering.

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