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To lead the advancement of applied technologies, power the workforce of the future and inspire change.

Air Force F-35Front view of an F-35 aircraft.
CCAT, Third Wave Systems and partners have demonstrated significant improvements in machining cycle times with software-based, experimentally-validated, material-specific modeling and simulation technology.   


Advanced Design, Automation, and Metrology

Designers discussing gear assembly in 3D software.
Discover a world of technological advancements at the intersection of design, automation, and metrology. With CCAT at the helm, you can dive into an ecosystem of leading-edge solutions. From Digital Twin to Digital Thread solutions, our offerings are paving the way for the future of manufacturing.

Whether you are exploring automation and robotics or diving into extended reality. Our innovations are shaping today's future.
Digital Twin
Digital Thread
Model-Based Definition
Generative Design, AI/ML
Adaptive Automation
Dimensional / Visual Inspection
Extended Reality: AR/VR/MR
Autonomous Manufacturing

Additive Technologies, Optimization, and Machining

Closeup of metal part being 3D printed using additive technologies.
Unlock the future of manufacturing with Additive Technologies, Optimization, and Machining. From Directed Energy Deposition to Polymer & Metal 3D Printing, we provide a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions. Leverage IIoT for Adaptive Control and redefine precision with Hybrid / 5 Axis Machining.

Advance your operations with the pinnacle of additive technology and machining techniques. Our solutions open new possibilities, driving efficiency and innovation.
Directed Energy Deposition
Wire Arc WAAM
Binder Jetting
Polymer & Metal 3D Printing
IIoT: Adaptive Control
Hybrid / 5 Axis Machining

Advanced Composites

Advanced Composites are revolutionizing not just aerospace and automotive industries, but also sectors like energy and healthcare. With attributes like high strength-to-weight ratios and excellent thermal resistance, composites bring groundbreaking efficiency to the table.

Our work in Advanced Composites opens doors to unexplored realms of performance and sustainability. Whether you aim to lightweight a jet or develop durable medical equipment, our expertise is your ally.
Automated Fiber Placement
Complex 3D Layups
In-Process Inspection
Autoclave Curing
Near Net Cutting

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