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April 28, 2023

New strategic collaboration to build smart manufacturing technologies for small and medium-sized manufacturers to scale business impact and compete globally

April 28, 2023 (East Hartford, Connecticut) –

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) announced today that it has formalized its partnership with Full-Bore, a manufacturing technology company founded by Sudhi Bangalore, former Operations CTO of Stanley Black & Decker, to jointly innovate and build solutions that will help small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to drive digital transformation at scale.

Full-Bore, with its team of experts, brings over six decades of experience in defining and delivering business impact for manufacturing companies worldwide. Combining this expertise with CCAT, our team will be developing platforms and solutions as part of a Smart Manufacturing Solutions Hub focused on the application of manufacturing data-driven technologies and processes to assist manufacturing SMEs in Connecticut on their digital transformation journey.

CCAT, an innovative applied technology non-profit organization that develops, validates, demonstrates, and assists companies with the adoption of industrial technologies into the global manufacturing supply chain, will collaborate with the Full-Bore team of software and AI experts to develop agile data-driven solutions that will improve productivity and drive cost reduction.  

“The formation of this partnership comes at a critical time, recognizing the urgent need to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies, processes and practices.”RON ANGELO, PRESIDENT & CEO OF CCAT

Jackie Garofano, CTO of CCAT, adds, “Through our Smart Manufacturing Solutions Hub, we will identify and engage SMEs throughout the Connecticut ecosystem, building on our existing portfolio of work led by Nasir Mannan and our team, develop and implement finely-tuned, company-specific smart manufacturing solutions to drive high impact innovation.”  

“With SMEs representing over 97% of manufacturing in the US, they are the single-most underserved segment in terms of technology fit and cost.”SUDHI BANGALORE, FOUNDING PARTNER AND CEO OF FULL-BORE

“With a deep passion and commitment for manufacturing, we are thrilled to partner with CCAT to address this major opportunity to innovate and build digital solutions designed to unlock step-change in productivity gains in manufacturing.”  

To that end, Full-Bore and CCAT will be leveraging the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform from CESMII, the Department of Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute that provides full interoperability between manufacturing applications and solutions to dramatically increase the speed and decrease the cost of deployment.

“This partnership sets a powerful industry precedent, making smart manufacturing accessible to many small and medium manufacturers for the first time.”JOHN DYCK, CEO OF CESMII

“A compelling strategy, thoughtful leadership and low-cost, simple technologies will enable us to help thousands of SMEs become more competitive, starting in Connecticut and scaling to a national footprint. We’re honored to engage with and support Full-Bore and CCAT in this exciting venture!”

This significant timely partnership holds promise for Connecticut’s manufacturing industry, enabling SMEs to drive digital transformation at scale and unlock the benefits of smart manufacturing technologies.  

Together, we are making the “Art of the Possible” a reality.


About CCAT

CCAT, a non-profit organization founded in 2004 and headquartered in East Hartford, Conn., is a dynamic and innovative applied technology organization that leads regional and national partnerships that assist global industrial companies and the manufacturing supply chain across industry sectors in driving advancements, efficiencies, and the adoption of leading-edge technologies.

Our vision is transformative solutions for a connected world, and our mission is to lead the advancement of applied technologies, power the workforce of the future, and inspire change.

For more information, reach out to Jackie Garofano, CTO of CCAT at  

About Full-Bore

Full-Bore is a manufacturing technology and consulting firm that has been established with the singular purpose of helping companies realize impact at scale using unique but proven methods of reimaging work with Smart Manufacturing Tools. With 90 years of collective experience in realizing hundreds of millions of impact dollars for companies worldwide, Full-Bore has the breadth and depth of expertise to help in both the strategy and the execution approaches for companies regardless of where companies are in the maturity cycle.

With deep expertise in Project Delivery, Enterprise architecture, Cloud Platforms, Data science and Factory automation, Full-bore brings full-service capability as well as efficiency in delivering overall impact. Leveraging innovation platforms and tools that were built and proven with large corporations, the company has already won joint innovation projects with both large multinational and local smaller companies.  

To learn more, visit

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Denise Gordon, Marketing & Comm. Lead, CCAT, 860-282-4224,

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