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Student Apprenticeship Programs Open Doors To Manufacturing Jobs

(Hartford Courant, 5/4/18) Less then a year ago, Olivia Hernandez decided to transfer out of the high school where she’d missed months of class to suspensions for fighting and bad behavior. And she cried, for the lost credits that meant she likely wouldn’t graduate on time, and for what she…

Representing CCAT at the 2018 RAPID + TCT event

Representing CCAT at the 2018 RAPID + TCT event

AMC Manufacturing Applications Engineers Nasir Mannan and Henry Babiec attended the 2018 RAPID + TCT event representing CCAT April 24-26. This year’s event, held in Fort Worth, Texas, is North America’s largest conference and exposition on additive manufacturing and 3D printing for over 25 years. The event features keynote presentations with some of…

ABI Research Identifies Six Transformative Technologies Impacting Industrial Manufacturing

(PR Newswire, 4/3/18) What are the top technologies industrial visionaries need to be aware of now and, more importantly, why and how will those technologies impact their industry? To answer that important question, ABI Research, a market foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies, identified…

University of Hartford Special Training Forum: Practical Aspects of Scanning Electron Microscopy for Advanced Manufacturing in the United States

The University of Hartford College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, Center for Manufacturing and Metrology
Special Training Forum: Practical Aspects of Scanning Electron Microscopy for Advanced Manufacturing in the United States

Presented by Michael T. Postek, András  E. Vládar, Dianne L. Poster, Suhash Ghosh, and Chittaranj Sahay

  • Full Hands-On Laboratories, Skills Building, & Training
  • Explore the Role & Use of Microscopes and Accessory Equipment in Manufacturing & Metrology for Industry, Academia and Government R&D
  • Discover Basic Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Microscopy for Fostering Better Manufacturing Innovation & Accelerating Product Development

The scanning electron microscope has become an indispensable tool in recent years by industrial, government and academic scientists in numerous research, production and Advanced Manufacturing applications. Manufacturers of microscopes and accessory equipment have responded to this increased demand with advanced instruments equipped with a wide range of innovative features. To obtain maximum performance from these state-of-the-art instruments, a basic theoretical and practical knowledge of SEM and associated techniques is essential. This course is designed to provide SEM operators with this basic theoretical and practical training by using integrated lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises.

Practical Aspects of Scanning Electron Microscopy is an intensive five-day short course, providing a thorough coverage of the basic theory and practice of SEM. Lectures coordinated with supervised laboratory exercises provide students with an informed hands-on experience on contemporary SEMs equipped with modern accessories.

Dr. Michael T. Postek (retired), Course Coordinator, was the Senior Scientist in the Engineering Physics Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD and has over 40 years of experience in SEM.

Dr. Andras E. Vladar is the SEM Metrology project leader of the Nanoscale Metrology Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.

Dr. Dianne L. Poster is the Special Assistant for Innovation and Industry Services at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Dr . Chittaranj Sahay is the Director, Center for Manufacturing and Metrology and member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, University of Hartford

Dr. Suhash Ghosh professor, Center for Manufacturing and Metrology, University of Hartford

Alert: Students visiting Advanced Manufacturing Center on Wednesday, April 4 at 9:30 a.m.

Pre-apprentice training opens doors for alternative high school seniors (EAST HARTFORD, CT, APRIL 3, 2018) – Local alternative high school students are finding a clear path to manufacturing careers thanks to a pre-apprentice program. As part of its mission to drive initiatives around STEM education and workforce development, the Connecticut…