Labor Day Lessons: ‘Made in America’ culture and leadership highlights

Labor Day Lessons: ‘Made in America’ culture and leadership highlights

By CT Manufacturers for CT Manufacturers
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 | 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Co-hosted by AMEP

Learn how to create a company where people are lining up to work with your team and want to stay for a lifetime! The most effective way to do this is through your culture, management, and leadership style. Developing an intentional culture and defining a style of leadership that works best for your team are critical.

  • Listen to Ari Santiago talk about some of the best practices shared during the Made in America podcast
  • Watch some of the best clips from CT manufacturing leaders on the podcast
  • Take away some great ideas on culture and leadership for building a great company that your employees want to work for and stay with!
Webinar Slides and Recording

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“Is it safe to try?”

The seven “Is it safe to try?” questions posed by Ari Santiago during today’s webinar:

  1. Is it legal? [yes]
  2. Does it reduce our security posture? [no]
  3. Does it align with our mission, vision, and values? [yes]
  4. Are you clear about what you are trying to improve? (Meaning you can describe it in 1-2 sentences) [yes]
  5. Do you know how you will know if this change worked? [yes]
  6. Do you think this action is more likely than not to solve the problem without causing a bigger one? [yes]
  7. Do you need any more help from your coach/supervisor before moving forward? [no]

If someone can get to the through the list with the correct answers then go for it!!

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