Connecticut’s Energy Future for Manufacturing

Connecticut’s Energy Future for Manufacturing

By CT Manufacturers for CT Manufacturers
THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 | 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Co-hosted by AMEP

Join Joel M. Rinebold, CCAT’s Director of Energy as he shares his insights about Connecticut’s energy supply and the future mix of electricity sources, including natural gas, solar, and wind. Mr. Rinebold will discuss reliability and cost implications and share perspectives on steps for electric supply, heating, and transportation that you can make to secure the energy needs for your business.

Also joining us will be Mackey Dykes, Vice President of Financing Programs, CT Green Bank who will share information about Connecticut’s Energy Programs for Manufacturers.

About the speaker

Mr. Rinebold is the Director of Energy Initiatives at CCAT with a focus on energy and infrastructure planning, the development of renewable and advanced energy technology, and economic development associated with energy management. Mr. Rinebold has led federally-supported programs that strengthen technology-led economic competitiveness and was instrumental in establishing the Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition and the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster.

Mr. Rinebold is engaged in several development initiatives for energy facility siting, advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, “microgrid” infrastructure, and the establishment of renewable energy facilities using agricultural biomass and wind.

Mr. Rinebold is a Board Member of the Connecticut Power and Energy Society, a member of the ISO New England Planning Advisory Committee, Commissioner for the Town of Wallingford Public Utilities, and a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the EPA Long Island Sound Study.

Webinar Slides and Recording

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  • Made in America Minute (Ari Santiago)
  • State Updates (Colin Cooper)
  • Connecticut’s Energy Future for Manufacturing
  • CT Energy Programs for Manufacturers (CT Green Bank)
  • Federal Updates from McAllister & Quinn
  • CCAT Program Updates

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