New England Maker Summit Aims to Advance Manufacturing Start-Ups

New England Maker Summit Aims to Advance Manufacturing Start-Ups

(, 11/9/17)

“How Making Matters” will be the theme of the second annual New England Maker Summit, bringing together multi-disciplinary problem-solvers who take on obstacles with entrepreneurial creativity, finding innovative, out-of-the box solutions that lead to new products and new businesses. The first annual event last year was attended by more than 250 people.

The day-long Summit, to be held on Friday, November 17 at the University of Hartford, will include sessions on advanced technologies and educational techniques, how companies and the public can get involved, how to increase a company’s competitive edge and ways of engaging larger companies by utilizing rapid iteration solutions such as 3D printing, CNC machining and computer aided casting.

The Summit will include two tracks, one on education and community, the other focusing on business and manufacturing. Plenary sessions will focus on creating businesses around technologies, utilizing Making as a means of addressing the skills gap, and how best to nurture Makers as a future talent pool. Summit participants will learn the fundamentals of creating Maker programs, as well as how to access curriculum, kits and learning platforms.

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