5 technologies reshaping the manufacturing industry

5 technologies reshaping the manufacturing industry

(LinkedIn, 11/21/17)

Reshaping manufacturing is a necessity in the times of digitization and technological supremacy.

Manufacturing has played a vital role in the global growth of the economy, since the 19th century. The reason why the manufacturing revolution has had a big impact on our economy is because it brought about a huge improvement in our day-to-day productivity. Productivity amounts to growth. It’s quite simple; in order to grow, we need to produce even more in our global economy. Growth does not come automatically. It has to be seized. This might include more capital, more productivity, more labor or reshaping manufacturing altogether.

The need for reshaping manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has become extremely automated. The idea today is to keep factories small and agile. Scale does not matter anymore, flexibility does, and the collaboration between man and machine does. Flexibility is needed to reduce the tension in the industry. Infrastructure optimization is essential i.e. optimizing energy consumption in a factory. But what if the existing manufacturing system and modern technologies came together to create the next big manufacturing revolution?

As technology is creating new opportunities for all of us, we will witness reduced error in production and need for lesser worker training. Some technologies reshaping the manufacturing industry are IoT, cloud and cyber security, advanced manufacturing robots, 3D printing, augmented reality, IIoT, and Nanotechnology. Let’s take a more detailed look at 5 of the most outstanding technologies.

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