Students urged to ‘dream it, do it’ on Manufacturing Day

Students urged to ‘dream it, do it’ on Manufacturing Day

(The Day, 10/6/17)

Groton — More than 50 middle schoolers had been working on a K’Nex swing ride project for over 10 minutes when Bruce Karasik told them he didn’t like the way it was turning out, and they would have to partially start over with a new design.

Paxton Montieth, an eighth-grade student at the Arts Magnet Middle School in New London, looked at a “factory” member who was taking apart the colorful pieces he’d assembled.

“It’s great to know that once you build something amazing, this happens,” she sighed. But she and her teammates continued working.

It was a switch that Karasik, program budget administrator at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, made to show students that changes happen in the real world and to see how they reacted.

The K’Nex Kompetition was one of four 40-minute rotations at Manufacturing Mania on Friday, along with Ice Cream Stick Factory, Straw Skyscrapers and Meet the Exhibitors.

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