Ford believes in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Future

Ford believes in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Future

(Hydrogen Cars Now, 7/22/17)04

“I believe fuel cells could end the 100-year reign of the internal combustion engine.”          — William Clay Ford, Jr.

Henry Ford’s great-grandson may well be right. As executive chairperson of the Ford Motor Company, he has to way his words. Every major automaker is now developing the “oh-so-simple” (NOT) machine, which dodged scientists and engineers longer than the automobile’s existence.

Henry Ford “cranked up” the automobile industry by using the assembly line. Geoffrey Ballard “zeroed in” on the internal combustion engine to eliminate the pollution that Henry Ford did not foresee. It took the wisdom, knowledge, and determination of Ballard to ‘whittle down’ and improve the fuel cell to the point where most people now can hope to leave the ICE age behind and drive a zero-pollution FCEV.

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