Simulating is Believing

Simulating is Believing

(SME –, 6/12/17)

Simulation tools are making it much easier for manufacturers to optimize their processes, visualizing the entire path of production from NC metalcutting simulations through 3D design and factory-floor imaging. With today’s simulation tools, toolpath designers and manufacturing engineers can easily see exactly where NC toolpaths will crash and be able to fix situations on the fly, leading to immensely speeding up simulation and verification of the metalcutting process.

Some of the latest twists in simulation systems feature new capabilities that are being applied to the burgeoning additive manufacturing processes that builders are embracing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing of production components. New NC simulation software is being adapted to accommodate these additive processes, making it much simpler to calculate and simulate the time required to build parts in additive’s layer-by-layer processes for both prototyping and to build production metal parts.

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