Here’s What It Takes To Build Cars That Run On The Fuel Of The Future

Here’s What It Takes To Build Cars That Run On The Fuel Of The Future

(Jalopnik, 5/26/17)

Like it or not, electric cars are the future. But to truly catch on, they have to be as good as, if not better than, the current gas-driven ones. And if somehow automakers can make the ever-elusive hydrogen fuel cells catch on, we’d be on the cusp of a permanent electric revolution. Jackie Birdsall is one of the engineers working to make this happen, and this is how she got there.

Jackie is a senior engineer at Toyota in the fuel cell hybrid vehicle group. She’s from California, but currently, she is on assignment in Japan. She’s been there for 13 months and will return to the U.S. in June. She is also without a car right now, which I’m sure is painful.

Jackie is working on creating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and buses to support the crowds who will come to Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Like Honda and BMW, Toyota has invested heavily in hydrogen fuel cells, and is now looking to further expand that portfolio. Indeed, it’s already started testing a hydrogen fuel cell tractor-trailer in Long Beach called Project Portal.

Jackie provided some insight on how hydrogen fuel cell cars are getting better and better, and what still needs to get done in order for them to truly take off. And she had a lot to say on why we just don’t see enough women engineers in the automotive space.

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