Niche ‘health-tech’ sector seeks to become CT hub

Niche ‘health-tech’ sector seeks to become CT hub

(Hartford Business Journal, 5/8/17)

When Farmington-based Diameter Health’s software was combing through a health system’s electronic medical records recently, it found that the hospital incorrectly labeled penicillin as pain medicine.

It’s not known if any patient was affected by the coding error, but incorrectly identifying medication is not just a critical patient safety hazard, says Diameter Health co-founder and CEO Eric Rosow, it’s an example of the “dirty” — incorrect or inconsistent — information that pervades the records of health systems and insurers. Those electronic records are in desperate need of cleaning up, Rosow says, not only to improve quality of care but to enable efficient patient-care management.

Diameter Health, which helps medical providers consolidate and better assess and utilize their electronic health records, has seen significant growth in recent years and is part of a small but growing health-technology sector in Connecticut that industry officials see as a major potential growth area — possibly one day forming into a hub.

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