Chemistry demonstration ends with a ‘boom’

Chemistry demonstration ends with a ‘boom’

(Greenwich Time, 4/17/17)

As a kindergartner used her weight in an attempt to crush a liquid-filled bottle, her fellow students looked on as it was unscathed.

The lesson, one of many during a Bradley University chemistry demonstration, proved that liquids could not be compressed. The bottle’s counterpart, however, was filled with air and crumbled when the petite student stepped on it.

For the last part of a school day in February at L.E. Starke Primary School, students and teachers had a visit from the Bradley University Chemistry Club Demo Crew led by professor Dean Campbell.

Students also saw how liquid nitrogen could freeze a racquetball, making it as fragile as glass, and then saw it shatter after being thrown against a wall.

A simpler demonstration was then held showing that household items such as Alka-Seltzer and water could be combined in a film canister to make miniature rockets. The carbon dioxide gas resulting from the chemical reaction of the two created pressure within the canister, separating it from its lid and blasting it more than 10 feet in the air.

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