Industry 4.0 Forum: Applications of AI for Smart Manufacturing

Hear from manufacturers, industry experts and academia on AI technology, how it’s driving production efficiencies and what lies ahead.

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence simplifies and revolutionizes the way we process vast amounts of data, all while saving time and resources. That’s the reality we’re living in today, with AI-powered applications transforming data preparation, visualization, predictive modeling, and more! These cutting-edge AI solutions cater to businesses seeking to enhance productivity, offer personalized experiences, fortify decision-making, and slash expenses.

Manufacturers, it’s time to welcome this game-changing technology.

The benefits are too promising to pass up: heightened efficiency, cost reduction, superior quality, and minimal downtime.

Join us June 7 and explore the captivating world of artificial intelligence. Discover current AI technologies driving production efficiencies and get a glimpse of what lies ahead on the horizon of AI innovation.


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

8:00 am – 2 pm

AI overview and how the technology is being used in manufacturing
Nasir Mannan, principal engineer, Advanced Design, Automation & Metrology lab at CCAT
Mike Ambrose, keynote speaker, retired chief engineer and vice-president of engineering & technology at Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed Martin,

Case Studies
Hear from manufacturing and technology companies on their experiences.

Future of AI innovation
Hear from academia on what lies ahead.


Nasir Mannan, principal engineer, Advanced Design, Automation & Metrology lab, CCAT
Mike Ambrose, retired chief engineer & VP at Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed Martin
Ruby ElKharboutly, Ph.D., engineering consultant, Advanced Design, Automation & Metrology lab, CCAT
Sriniket Rachuri, mechatronics engineer, Advanced Design, Automation & Metrology lab, CCAT
James Huston, field sales engineer, Baumer Group
Zhigang Wang, senior principal engineer,
Raytheon Technologies Research Center 
August “Gus” Gremillion, partner management executive, Siemens
Professor George Bollas, director of Pratt & Whitney Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn
Karim Pourak, co-founder & CEO, Process Miner
Farad Imani,
assistant professor, UConn
Kamran Paynabar, Ph.D., co-founder and chief science officer, Process Miner
Jeff Orszak, Director Strategic Growth & Tech, CONNSTEP

Paul Lavoie, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Connecticut Department Economic & Community Development

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