Manufacturing Career Advancement

Enhancing the Skilled Workforce Pipeline

2016ccatwebsite_mfgcareerawareCCAT is committed to ensuring that the manufacturing sector has access to a well-trained and qualified talent pipeline. Proper training is critical for employers to compete in a 21st century global marketplace.

CCAT focuses on three key objectives: increase awareness of manufacturing careers and opportunities for students and their families, jobseekers, educators and government partners; promote and administer basic and technical skill assessments resulting in industry recognized, nationally portable credentials for students, incumbent workers and dislocated workers; and match manufacturers who have available open positions with qualified and available jobseekers.

Career awareness

  • Provide targeted resources and programs.
  • Dispel misconceptions.
  • Introduce educational and career pathways.

Employer engagement

  • Develop partnerships.
  • Focus on building the talent pipeline.
  • Identify required skills and competencies.
  • Assist with workforce development strategies.

Jobseeker services

  • Support career advancement.
  • Validate foundational and technical skills.
  • Facilitate training courses.
  • Provide internship opportunities.
  • Administer testing for certifications.