Workforce Innovations

CCAT has been powering a diverse and inclusive next generation workforce for over 15 years. Our workforce programs are driven by building regional economies, connecting individuals with math and mechanical aptitude and employers with job openings.

Incumbent Worker Trainings

CCAT offers in-person and online industry 4.0 technology trainings and workshops to build your teams’ skills in areas including IIoT, Big Data and Analytics, Additive Manufacturing and Automation. In-person trainings are held at our Advanced Technology Center on Silver Lane in East Hartford. Learn more.

Manufacturing Career Advancement

We work with job candidates and companies and lead programs to ensure the manufacturing sector has access to a trained and qualified pipeline of talent. Learn more

Advanced Manufacturing Employer Partnership 

AMEP, an employer-led advanced manufacturing partnership, is focused on the workforce needs of advanced manufacturing and technology companies in Connecticut and funded by Workforce Solutions Collaborative Metro Hartford. Learn more

REV-UP Manufacturing!

REV-UP! Manufacturing is a CareerConneCT program focused on upskilling talent for the manufacturing industry. Candidates are assessed for baseline foundational skills and mechanical aptitude that align with jobs in manufacturing but require additional skills training, or on-the-job training, to enter the manufacturing workforce at higher level positions. Learn more

MAKER Multipliers

As part of Stanley Black & Decker’s “Empower Makers” Global Impact Challenge, we partner with advocates across Connecticut to carry a message to the Next Gen and help close the workforce gap. Learn more.

Manufacturing Career Virtual Info Sessions

Fridays, 10-10:30 am

Interested in learning about the different career opportunities in manufacturing? Join us for a 30-minute virtual info session and learn more about the industry and the training programs available.

>Discover different career opportunities with entry-level positions paying up to $29 an hour.

> Learn about innovative Connecticut companies who are hiring and what they are looking for.

> Learn the skills required, free technology trainings, and potential salaries.

For more information, contact: Charles Ojide,
Cameron Diaz,