Applied Energy Research

Innovation in Energy Technologies


CCAT’s technology experts provide applied engineering and research services as well as project planning and management for developing energy solutions.

Experience you can trust

  • Experience leading  feasibility projects for the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Energy
  • Creative approaches to projects using cutting-edge technologies and software.
  • Expert analyses of project feasibility and research data.
  • Technical support and advice.

Leadership in national projects

CCAT maintains a leadership role in national projects on alternative fuels generation and analysis. Our work includes exploring:

  • Gasification testing for alternative jet fuel. Through extensive research and analysis, we’ve determined the feasibility of creating environmentally friendly jet fuel for military and civilian use. Our testing focused on biomass, municipal solid waste and other solids such as coal.  >Read more
  •  Jet fuel-making facilities in rural areas. To create jobs and improve commerce in rural areas, we are investigating how biomass and waste materials, often abundant in farm areas, can be used to generate clean fuel.
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