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CCAT/AMEP Connecticut Manufacturers Webinar Series

Webinars by CT Manufacturers for CT Manufacturers | Starting in 2021, join us on the first Thursday of each month @ 12:00 PM

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MIF Voucher Programs

Matched funds to improve your manufacturing productivity, efficiency and competitiveness and implementation of IoT solutions and Additive Manufacturing.


The Advanced Manufacturing Employer Partnership (AMEP) is an employer-led Workforce Solutions Collaborative Metro Hartford Industry Partnership focused on the workforce needs of advanced manufacturing and technology companies in local labor market areas. AMEP focuses on the best practices in recruiting entry level workers and training incumbent workers. AMEP supports job quality programs and services that establish career pathways that lead to family sustaining wages, reduced employer costs, and retention of current workforce.


Every manufacturing position is filled with a qualified employee. AMEP will provide leadership to drive effective and efficient workforce solutions by maximizing any available resource.


A formal structure has been developed by our AMEP chairs. Click here to view the 2020 AMEP Charter.

AMEP Chair:  Charles Daniels, Chief Financial Officer, Wepco Plastics

Meetings Driven by Employer Workforce Needs

Each quarterly meeting brings together speakers on current topics such as apprenticeship, manufacturing innovation, and workforce forecasting. Participating employers have first-hand access to many state and federal programs that offer financial support in growing their business.

2020 Annual Meeting Recording

Career Pathways Employment Program

Participating employers can access a pre-screened applicant pool through the Career Pathways Employment Program (CPEP). This particular group of job seekers have foundational and technical skills that have been validated through training and assessments. Click here for more information about CPEP.

Job Quality Programs

Employer driven programs and services to help retain a competent workforce.

Financial Wellness Programs

Programs for employers to offer front line workers greater understanding of the different ways to maximize income, track expenses, create a budget, make informed purchases, monitor and protect their money, and develop a savings plan. Click here for more information about United Way’s portfolio of Financial Literacy offerings.


Manufacturing Awareness Programs

Engage and inspire the next generation of manufacturers by participating in our Industry Ambassador Program and exploring ideas and resources to help build the talent pipeline of K-12 students in your region.

Count on CCAT

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