Advanced Composites Technology Center

The Advanced Composites Technology Center is a unique public-private partnership between the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Pratt & Whitney and Goodwin University. Utilizing leading-edge aerospace manufacturing technology, the Center will enable the three entities to better collaborate and provide students with the tools needed to obtain careers in innovative, advanced engineering fields.

The Center, housed at Goodwin University and utilizing pioneering aerospace manufacturing technology from Pratt & Whitney, will create an Educational Center of Excellence in East Hartford that builds upon Connecticut’s rich history of innovation.

“This is as vital to Connecticut as it gets: this is about technology, and it’s about Connecticut leading in technology. It shows leadership, and it shows commitment, and that is what Pratt & Whitney has been about for decades. They put their stake in the ground to show people this is where they are going to develop their [polymer matrix] composites technology,” said Ron Angelo, President and CEO of CCAT. “There are almost 4,000 manufacturing companies in Connecticut that need skilled workers, and this center will help ensure that our state will have the workforce it needs to stay competitive.”

Press Release
The robotic Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) cell at the Advanced Composites Technology Center
Engineers Andrew Frasca, Rayanne McFarlane and James O’Brien