Additive Manufacturing – Metals & Plastics

Your Complex Challenges. Our Infinite Possibilities.

We help manufacturers innovate by introducing them to, and demonstrating, additive manufacturing with metals and 3D printing with plastics to help solve complex and varied challenges.

Through the Connecticut-funded Additive Technologies Adoption Program we drive the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies within the Connecticut manufacturing industrial base across all industry sectors. The program: 

  • introduces and demonstrates AM technologies
  • assists companies in selecting and procuring AM machine tools
  • offers AM technical training opportunities

It is critical to understand and implement additive technologies to stay competitive in today’s 21st century global advanced manufacturing industry. AM is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology essential to companies’ future success and will eventually touch every sector.  

Produce Prototypes

  • Create your ultra-high resolution parts with nearly infinite degrees of transparency, shading, and flexibility using plastic resins — ABS-like, polycarbonate and elastomer.
  • Develop solutions with metals including steels (mild, tool, and stainless); alloys of aluminum, nickel, titanium, cobalt, and copper; and refractory metals.

Repair Components

  • Add materials to your existing part for unique repairs or modifications.
  • Enhance your materials with fully dense metals using laser powder directed energy deposition.
  • Research and test your repair process.

Build New Parts

  • Fabricate your parts with integrated features and properties rapidly.
  • Blend materials seamlessly during the build cycle.
  • Print pre-production parts.

Technology That Delivers

  • Add/subtract material with DMG Mori LASERTEC 65 3D5 hybrid manufacturing 5-axis machine
  • Controlled atmosphere builds with Optomec 850R LENS system using multiple hopper powder metal feeds (35x59x35 inch environment)
  • ProJet 5500X with multi-jet 3D printing for plastics (750X750X890 DPI resolution)
Count on CCAT 

Contact us today to talk about your challenges and how we can help you succeed with new technologies like additive manufacturing. Connecticut companies with fewer than 500 employees may be eligible for grant opportunities through the Additive Technologies Adoption Program. 

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