I gave CCAT a very complex part to optimize. I knew there was opportunity for cycle time reduction, but I didn't expect a 70% improvement. This is huge.

- Mark DiLorenzo
Phoenix Manufacturing

Creating Visual Management Systems

Creating Visual Management Systems - This full-day session will review the key elements of a comprehensive visual management system, providing examples from production, office and service environments. Also to be covered will be the manner by which the VMS will be used by leaders as part of Leader Standard Work. Participants will have the opportunity to design their own VMS that they can take back to their organizations. Multiple attendees from the same organization are encouraged to attend so that they can work together to complete the exercise. - more info: http://www.ame.org/events/creating-visual-management-systems

NX9 Multi Axis Machining Workshop

This course provides essential training for individuals who are responsible for developing complex 4 and 5 axis programs. Upon completion of this course, accomplished NC programmers will have the capability to create and modify 4 and 5 axis operations for complex machines. Knowledge of NX CAM 3‐axis operations is required.

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3D Systems Webinar-CCAT & LambdaVision

Learn how LambdaVision, Inc. is working with Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) experts and using the 3D ProJet 5500X printer to design a new tool for retinal implants at a free 3D Systems webinar on Thursday, September 11 from 11:00 a.m. ET.

LambdaVision, a startup company that is 3D printing precision tools for the manufacture of retinal implants that help restore lost vision, is partnering with CCAT to develop a new surgical tool for their revolutionary implant.  The challenge is to quickly develop a new tool for surgically implanting the device into the retina.  LambdaVision needs surgeon feedback about shape, comfort, feel, and weight in order to make the optimal tool.

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3D Systems Webinar-CCAT & SolVilla Energy

Learn how SolVilla Energy, Inc. is working with Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) experts and using the 3D ProJet 5500X printer to design connector parts for a revolutionary solar energy roofing system at a free 3D Systems webinar on Tuesday, September 16 from 11:00 a.m. ET.

SolVilla Energy is a startup company that is developing a solar roofing system designed to function as both roof and solar panel.  One of the challenges they face is to customize peripheral connectors for the solar shingle system. Find out how SolVilla is using CCAT's 3D ProJet printer to rapidly produce peripheral connector prototypes and what SolVilla and CCAT are doing to optimize the manufacturing process. 

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NX CAM Mentoring Workshop

More than just a class, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to enhance your skills and bring a work related project nearer to completion. You will get to bring to the session a current NX CAM project and get expert assistance and mentoring. During the workshop you will explore advanced tooling and tool management options for enhanced
productivity. Attendees will learn how feed & speed optimization can increase material removal rates.

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Cleantech Energy Storage Finance Forum

The forum will include a cleantech panel of industry experts/investors focused on companies developing innovative energy storage products based on electrochemical technologies including: traditional & novel batteries, flow batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen production systems. The forum format will also feature short “pitches” from several startup companies in this market space.
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
63 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02110

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AME Webinar

AME Webinar - What We Have Learned from Lean Startups - webinar explains in a straightforward way how lean startup methodologies work and the top three approaches - more info & registration: http://www.ame.org/events/webinar-what-we-have-learned-lean-startups

UTC Additive Manufacturing Conference

Second annual UTC Additive Manufacturing Conference featuring state of the art developments across the industry, networking with experts from around the world, and exposition of additive manufacturing machine OEMs and service providers.

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NX 9 Turning Applications Workshop

This course provides essential Turning training for individuals who are responsible for developing NC programs for lathes and mill‐turn machine tools. Knowledge of programming lathes and or mill turns is not required but basic turning machining knowledge is required. Upon completion of this course, accomplished Turning programmers will have the abilities to create and modify turning and mill turn programs. The pace and topics of this course have been carefully planned specifically for the experienced NC programmer.

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A Success Story at GE Aviation

Attendees will participate in a session about GE Aviation one of the premier names in the aircraft parts manufacturing space and their journey to consolidate Quality systems into one comprehensive scalable system.  

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NX 9 Manufacturing Customization

This course is intended to provide CAM customization options to the NC programmer. This class will show the user how to get the most usage out of NX by introducing the user to topics that allow the NX system to be automated to a much higher level.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Lean Tour

Tewksbury, MA - This is a unique opportunity to tour Thermo Fisher Scientific’s “Center of Excellence.” Participants will be able to see and hear about how this lean transformation has taken place over the past several years, directly from the employees who have made it happen. Tour highlights include: Daily Management Boards, 5S and Visual Controls, GEMBA Walks, PPI, CAS (Customer Allegiance Score) and VOMI/Kanban. - more info & registration: http://www.ame.org/events/thermo-fisher-scientific-lean-tour

Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology

This presentation will detail how discrete manufacturing industries in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical sectors were able to drive shop floor productivity gains by adopting the right shop floor management principles and supporting technology.

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ISO 9001:2015 Workshop

This half day overview program presents enough information to understand the new material, its flexibilities, and its challenges. It is the policy of the International Organization for Standardization to review every Standard for revision needs about every 5 years. ISO 9001 is now in that process and the Committee Draft (CD) was published on June 3, 2013.

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Tool Management Workshop

Experience hands‐on high‐performance tool management solutions for an efficient manufacturing process live during this half day workshop.

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