It's thanks to the initial grant funding and the encouragement of the CCAT staff that we were able to push through the early challenges and deliver our award-winning GPS Pro to market. The resources available to us as part of the CCAT Incubator Program have enabled us to move out of the basement and into a real office.

- John Cunningham
CEO & president of Bad Elf

Introduction to 3-D Printing

This session will provide you with an excellent introdcution/overview of 3-D printing.  You will gain some background on the history of the technology as well  as have the opportunity to learn about the recent changes in materials that are making 3D printing exciting for manufacturing.

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NCSIMUL Seminar and Demo

NCSIMUL Machine is considered the most advanced CNC realistic machine simulation solution for simulating, verifying, optimizing, and reviewing machine programs based on the real characteristics of an NC machine (machining, drilling, riveting).

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Advanced Shop Floor Management Technology

Shop Floor Management effectively combines advanced technology with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Companies that have adopted shop floor management technology have been able to monitor and increase productivity (measured by Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE) of their shop floors by 10 to 50% within the first year. Their return on investment (ROI) was less than 1 Year. With the right tool and usage, users can achieve significant results.

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