Student Programming

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2016ccatwebsite_studentprogrammingCCAT develops and implements innovative student workshops, events, and programs that promote participation and achievement in STEM, support Next Generation Science Standards and 21st century skills, and increase awareness of future high-tech careers.

Using evidence-based standards and practices, our programs connect learning to the real world by leveraging CCAT’s unique in-house expertise. Public and private partnerships with government, industry, higher education, and other non-profits infuse CCAT’s programming with authentic, relevant content. We can also create customized, STEM-themed student programs based on specific needs.

Real world contexts

  • Aerospace
  • Engineering and design
  • Sustainable energy and the environment
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Robotics and programming

Critical skills

  • Scientific inquiry and engineering design
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Core, standards-based science and math concepts

Innovative curricula and approaches

  • Hands-on/minds-on activities.
  • Experiential opportunities.
  • Authentic tasks and high-tech tools.
  • Dispel misconceptions.
  • Career exposure.

Extensive expertise

  • STEM educators
  • Engineers
  • Energy specialists
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Network of partners

Count on CCAT 

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