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2016ccatwebsite_curricmodsCCAT’s STEM curricula use engaging, authentic content to maximize student learning and reinforce critical science, math and 21st century skills. Modules incorporate project- and problem-based activities that are aligned with state and national standards and are customizable to fit your school or district needs. All curriculum packages are offered with accompanying educator training, online resource libraries, and optional supply kits.

Young Manufacturers Academy

The Young Manufacturers Academy (YMA) is an innovative, customizable program for grade 6-8 students that develops awareness of and interest in modern manufacturing careers. Students engage in realistic manufacturing workplace scenarios that develop leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, customer service, technology, design, and other skills needed for success in the 21st century global economy.

CATALYST: Explorations in Sustainable Energy and the Environment

CATALYST Energy an inquiry- and project-based program that guides students in grades 9-12 through the science of energy transformations, the impact of fossil fuel energy consumption, global climate change, the renewable energy solutions, and ways to be more environmentally responsible. CATALYST promotes scientific exploration and experimentation, engineering design, technological literacy, communication and collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking.

CATALYST: Explorations in Engineering Design

CATALYST Engineering consists of aerospace-, energy-, and manufacturing-themed modules in which grade 6-10 students use engineering design to solve problems. CATALYST Engineering activities promote the application of science, mathematics, and technology and the development of essential skills, including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking in a variety of content areas.

CATALYST: Explorations in Aerospace and Innovation

The CATALYST Aerospace in-school curriculum and out-of-school-time program teach essential STEM concepts and skills in the engaging context of aerospace, and have been designed to promote awareness of STEM career opportunities for students in grades 6-8. The in-school curriculum is standards-aligned and emphasizes hands-on, minds-on learning, communication, and collaboration, while the out-of-school-time component provides extensive enrichment.

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