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CCAT offers a comprehensive array of consulting services. We have experience in a wide variety of initiatives including magnet school launches, needs assessments, curriculum revision and standards alignment, capacity building, grant proposal development, and online learning environments.

School operations plans and educational specifications

CCAT can assist in the development of technical documentation for STEM-themed magnet and charter school applications as well as school redesign plans. We can also help with school launches, including curriculum, team building and professional development, project management and information technology needs.

Comprehensive NGSS capacity-building

Let us help your teachers understand the big ideas of next-gen science:  three-dimensional integration, learning progressions, newly emphasized practices, crosscutting concepts, engineering design, the nature of science, systems of/ongoing assessment, Common Core integration, content connections, curricular coherence, and more.


CCAT can assist your district in the development of new STEM curricula that is informed by your priorities and needs while recognizing your instructional resources and capacities.

We design units that establish coherent learning progressions and connections across grade bands, ranging from goals and objectives to engaging phenomena, major inquiries, and common assessments and rubrics. We can also help with the realignment of existing curriculum with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Grant proposal development and delivery of grant-funded projects

You can rely on our extensive experience. As a recipient of more than 25 federal, state, and philanthropic grants from a wide variety of funders, we have a portfolio of expertise in grants procurement that includes: research and intelligence gathering, proposal and budget preparation, project management, and adherence to regulatory and reporting requirements.

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