Manufacturing Month Activities

Manufacturing Mania gives middle school students an opportunity to learn more about the wide variety of careers today’s advanced manufacturing offers. The program includes exhibits and displays from manufacturers and educational institutions, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, competitions, and guest speakers.

At the Making It Real: Girls & Manufacturing Summit middle and high school girls come from around the State come together to learn more about career and educational pathways in manufacturing, experiential activities that showcase today’s manufacturing workplace, and opportunities to hear from women practitioners about 21st century manufacturing careers and the high-tech skills needed to be successful.

Young Manufacturers Academy 

The Young Manufacturers Academy (YMA) is a manufacturing-themed, experiential, eight-day summer program that introduces middle grade youth to Connecticut’s high-tech advanced manufacturing industries. The program includes hands-on activities, simulation-based learning, virtual machining environments, travel to industry locations for on-site interaction with manufacturers, and a mock career fair.

YMA is a partnership with the Connecticut Technical High School System and is funded through the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development’s Manufacturing Innovation Fund.

Manufacturing Video Competition

The What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? Video Competition is a Manufacturing Institute national best practice model designed to promote industry partnerships and introduce youth to today’s manufacturing workplace and future careers.

Connecticut Dream It. Do It., in partnership with the Smaller Manufacturers Association of CT and the New Haven Manufacturers Association of CT, runs the annual WSCAM Video Competition for high school students and manufacturers around the state. Each participating high school is partnered with a local manufacturing company to collaborate on the creation of a video in response to a theme. The WSCAM Video Competition gives students the chance to learn about their partner company’s products, operations, and staff while exploring all the “cool” things a career in manufacturing offers.

Advanced Technology Workshops

CCAT’s Advanced Technology Workshops make it easy to discover what’s new by showcasing leading-edge machines, tooling, and software through hands-on demonstrations at CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center and Composite Center of Excellence. Participants learn from our experts about innovative ways to increase productivity, ensure quality, and improve your bottom line. CCAT helps determine whether the latest technology advances are right for your business and helps address ongoing challenges. Workshops and trainings are held throughout the year in partial day sessions in order to minimize your time away from work as they are designed to fit your schedule and meet your needs. Topics typically focus on additive manufacturing, scanning technology and inspection, and composite machining.

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Manufacturing Pipeline Program

CCAT’s workforce development team works directly with area employers to recruit and match pre-qualified applicants for entry-level high demand jobs and builds the skills needed to succeed in our Manufacturing Pipeline Program.

The Career Nexus system recruits, assesses and pre-screens candidates for manufacturing entry-level positions. Career Nexus draws from a network of talent pipelines not typically accessed for jobs in high-tech manufacturing and locates people with the competencies and desire to contribute to your automated production process. We find highly motivated individuals, high percentages from under-served groups including women, young adults, people of color, and the under-employed.

Pre-Apprenticeship Training

CCAT’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program addresses a persistent disconnect between employers and job seekers – while urban young adults are struggling to earn a living wage, manufacturers are struggling to attract skilled labor both for a growing number of positions and to replenish a workforce from which baby boomers are retiring at a rapid pace. The CCAT Pre-Apprenticeship Program strengthens the students’ link to employers and mitigates hiring risks, while providing “learn and earn” opportunities as a critical step to full-time employment. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program strengthens the link to employers while providing “learn and earn” opportunities as a critical step to employment. The program delivers 144 hours of instruction to prepare job seekers for entry-level manufacturing jobs.



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