Novus Choice – Online Student Selection System

Novus Choice — Online Student Selection System

With the burgeoning popularity of charter schools across the country comes the challenge of how to simplify the student application process and manage student selections. Novus Insight has developed Novus Choice – an online student application database and lottery program.

In the development process, we focused on making a user-friendly, customized and affordable lottery system to meet the needs of students, parents, and school administrators.

Accurate results and easy management

  • Paperless, hands-free application processing to ensure accurate lottery results.
  • Easy data access including mass application viewing, customizable report previews, and search capabilities.
  • Instant reporting features to produce customized reports for analyzing demographics and generating charts that conform to federal and state standards.
  • User-friendly with the capability to add, edit and verify multiple applications simultaneously.

Accessible and reliable

  • Runs within seconds, regardless of the application volume.
  • Export applications results to Excel spreadsheets.
  • All actions on the public and administrative levels are logged, creating automatic, fully transparent audit trails.
  • Web-based platform makes it always accessible, from anywhere.

Flexible and secure

  • Prospective student waiting lists are automatically generated.
  • Designed to be tailored to meet every school’s needs.
  • Data is encrypted for top level security.
  • Hosted on a redundant database cluster and backed up twice a day.
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