Facility Management Web Application

Room Reservation & Office Management Web Application


CCAT’s IT team develops web applications designed for multi-tenant facility management.  Our facility management web application is designed for companies that rent office or meeting space. The open source, cloud hosted application facilitates logistical and financial management, communication of resources, and services in a multi-tenant office space environment.

The CCAT team is focused on making a user-friendly, customized and affordable management portal to meet the needs of individuals, companies, and organizations.

Logistical & Financial Management

  • Convenient invoice emails and integration of payment service
  • Practical ability to assign user types (property management staff, tenant, etc) to determine room visibility and/or pricing structure
  • Integrated branding and styling to align the look and feel with the client’s website
  • Easily understandable maps and images of the facilities indicating locations of resources and a schedule once a resource has been selected
  • CMS to add available resources including rooms, facilities, equipment, features/amenities and photos
  • Straightforward way to export weekly reservation reports
  • Accessible centralized calendar of all events from all client’s facility locations

 Effective Communicate Room Reservation Process

  • Reliable email integration for notifications related to reservations including confirmations and reminders
  • Clear and convenient reservations that include useful information including a title, date, start/end times, room, public/private, technology requirements, room capacity, capture and communication of other client requirements and request
  • Easy to use checklist of available equipment to reserve alongside rooms
  • Concise information on preset “setups” for rooms
  • Ability to set room settings for public’or staff
  • Ability to set room features and permissions
  • Ability to modify booking “windows” for resources
  • Ability for client to make resources public or private
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