Information Technology

In today’s digital world, maintaining a secure, reliable and affordable IT infrastructure is vital to every organization’s success.

CCAT specializes in providing the nonprofit, governmental and manufacturing sectors with IT services including infrastructure planning, virtual desktop implementation, cyber security, data protection and disaster recovery as well as development of customized applications and programs.

As a preferred IT services provider, we assist in delivering service-sharing programs to municipalities on a regional and statewide basis. For Connecticut municipalities, we offer services on a pre-approved, fixed rate basis to members of the Capitol Region Council of Governments, the Capitol Region Purchasing Council, and the Connecticut Council of Small Towns, enabling them to secure IT services directly with CCAT without the need to seek multiple bids.

Strategic Technology Assessments - The first step in understanding your IT environment is a comprehensive business and systems analysis that includes interviews with stakeholders and users to align your technology with your organizational goals.
Datacenter Services - CCAT is uniquely positioned on the Connecticut Education Network to offer high-quality cloud hosting platforms that allow you to maintain complete control over your data while taking advantage of CCAT’s scalable technology and expertise.
Managed Support - We will proactively manage your technology infrastructure and administrative systems so you can concentrate on serving the needs of your clients and community.
Web & Application Development - At the outset of any project, CCAT analyzes client needs and chooses the best technologies to find a custom solution. Our design philosophy is to keep our projects modular, portable, adaptable, scalable, user-friendly and standards compliant.
Special Projects - CCAT's experienced team of IT professionals design and develop innovative, sustainable solutions for problems commonly faced by municipalities, schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations.

  • CompTIA, IT Industry Trends Analysis 2017

    IT industry growth is projected at 4.1% for 2017.

  • CompTIA, IT Industry Trends Analysis 2017

    An estimated 5.98 million workers were employed in the U.S. IT industry in 2016.

  • CompTIA, IT Industry Trends Analysis 2017

    IT and software services accounts for 2.6 million jobs; telecommunications, 1.6 million; and tech manufacturing, 1.1 million jobs.

  • CompTIA, IT Industry Trends Analysis 2017

    CT is in the top 25 states for IT occupations, which account for 88% of total IT jobs.

  • CompTIA, Cyberstates 2016

    The technology industry continues to be a major driving force in the U.S. economy, making up approximately 7.1% of the overall GDP and 11.6% of the total private sector payroll.

  • ICT Facts & Figures 2016

    Developing countries now account for the vast majority of Internet users, with 2.5 billion users compared with one billion in developed countries.


    There are more than 682 million iPhones across the globe.


    There are over 35 billion Google searches every month.


    There are more than 100,000 software and IT services companies in the United States, and more than 99% are small and medium-sized firms (under 500 employees).

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Computer and Information Technology Occupations

    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth of all IT careers to range from 12-31% through 2020 compared to the average projected growth rate (14.6%) among all occupations.

  • TechServe Alliance study, 2017

    On a year-over-year basis, IT employment grew by 3.9% since January 2016 adding 195,600 IT workers.