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Automation & RoboticsAdditive ManufacturingInternet of Things (IoT) TechnologiesBig Data & AnalyticsDigital Technologies
Automation & Robotics

Intro to Dimensional Inspection Based on Blue Light Scan Data
Webinar Recording (12/16/2020)
Presenter: CCAT / Duration: 60 min.
In this virtual workshop we will step through the process of setting up a dimensional inspection program using Geomagic Control for high speed metrology. An overview of alignment schemes, setting up GD&T callouts, 3D dimensions, cross section views and reporting will be presented.

High Speed, Automated, 3D Scanning for Part Inspection
Webinar Recording (6/30/2020)
Presenter: CCAT / Duration: 60 min.
Join CCAT for a virtual training workshop to discover the equipment and processes involved in transforming your contact inspection processes to that of inspecting parts with 3D scanning technology.

Machine Tool Probing for Industry 4.0
Webinar Recording (6/29/2020)
Presenter: Renishaw / Duration: 40 min.
Join CCAT and Renishaw at our upcoming training workshop to learn how machine tool probing can enable your machines to become smarter, reduce your overall scrap rate, improve cycle times and be a valuable, cost saving technology for your business.

Introduction to High Speed Contact Metrology
Webinar Recording and Slides (4/6/2020)
Presenter: Renishaw / Duration: 45 min.
Learn from Renishaw how a high-performance 5-axis multi-sensor measurement system can drastically eliminate metrology bottlenecks even while reducing the need for multiple machines.

Additive Manufacturing

Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing
Webinar Recording (11/18/2020)
Presenter: CCAT / Duration: 80 min.
Learn about the major types of Additive Manufacturing (AM) using metals in use today, how each works, and what type of work each is best used for. Explore how to choose the appropriate technology for your applications and look at the total cost associated with onboarding metal AM including equipment and material costs, required infrastructure (facilities, EH&S, regulatory) and staff skills and training.

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Workshop
Webinar Recording and Slides (9/16/2020)
Presenter: 3DCERAM / Duration: 60 min.
Just like additive manufacturing with metals and polymers, 3D printing of technical ceramics is evolving and maturing as a technology. Ceramics are in use in a diverse range of applications and industry sectors, and the ability to move from prototyping to production is critical as ceramics seek to achieve the goals of mass customization, part consolidation, ever increasingly complex geometries and the other benefits derived from AM.

Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing
Webinar Recording (6/26/2020)
Presenter: Siemens Digital Industries / Duration: 60 min.
Join CCAT and Siemens Digital Industries for a virtual technical training and learn how Industry 4.0 technologies enable your machines to become smarter, significantly reduce unexpected issues during manufacturing, and produce better parts, faster and at a lower cost.

Real-World Industry 4.0: Augmented Reality Solutions in Manufacturing
Webinar Recording (6/24/2020)
Presenter: The Impact Group and SphereGen / Duration: 60 min.
The Impact Group and SphereGen will show how to successfully deploy a key Industry 4.0 technology – Augmented Reality in manufacturing – quickly and cost-effectively with a real ROI.

Introduction to Data Dashboards and Applied Artificial Intelligence
Webinar Recording (4/13/2020)
Presenters: Agility Cubed and Vaango / Duration: 35 min.
Agility Cubed brings together key technologies & partnerships for companies to take their business to the next level. Join this workshop to learn about Business Intelligence (how rich visual dashboards can make your life easier) and experience AI (from smart desk visitor solutions to real time facial recognition). Speakers: Wajid Ahmed (CEO Agility Cubed), Bharadwaj PJ (CEO Vaango)

Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Technologies
Webinar Recording and Slides (4/10/2020)
Presenter: Siemens / Duration: 50 min.
Predictive maintenance is a technique that uses condition-monitoring tools to track the performance of equipment during normal operation to detect possible defects and fix them before they result in failure. Join Siemens to learn how predictive maintenance can be used for your machines and increase the productivity on your shop floor.

Introduction to Internet of Things/Cloud Computing and Cognitive Computing
Webinar Recording (4/9/2020)
Presenter: Siemens Duration: 60 min.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Join Siemens to learn how and why collecting data will increase the productivity of your business.

Big Data & Analytics

The Digital Twin, aka Model Based Definition
Webinar Recording and Slides (6/16/2020)
Presenter: Step Tools, Inc. / Duration: 60 min.
The digital thread is a simple idea – keep your product design, manufacturing, and inspection connected around a digital twin of the product. Join CCAT and Dr. Martin Hardwick of Step Tools for a virtual technical training to learn how a digital twin can ensure parts are produced faster, better and at a lower cost.

Protecting ITAR Data in a Digital World
Webinar Recording (6/23/2020)
Presenter: Paperless Parts / Duration: 60 min.
As the manufacturing industry continues to embrace digital technologies in the pursuit of greater efficiency, aerospace and defense contractors must understand the impact of digital tools on the proper management of ITAR data and the steps to ensure compliance with the law.

Digital Technologies

Cybersecurity and Compliance Awareness for Manufacturing Employees
Webinar Recording (12/15/2020)
Presenter: IT Direct / Duration: 60 min.
Everyone plays an important role in keeping the company safe from cybercrime and making sure it stays compliant with important regulations. Learn tips that are not only important for your work and your job, but will also help you at any job, in any role and in your personal security as well.

Introduction to Design to Print Technology
Webinar Recording (5/7/2020)
Presenter: Spatial Integrated Systems / Duration: 40 min.
Join Spatial Integrated Systems for a 1 hour journey to discover the benefits of a single ecosystem focused on Design to Print technologies. We will target design processes that cover Convergent Modeling, Topology Optimization, manufacturing checks and lattice structure generation. We will discuss the functional features that help engineers design from prototype to production using industry standard technologies.

Modernization – Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Manufacturing
Webinar Recording (4/6/2020)
Presenter: Paperless Parts / Duration: 45 min.
The age of Industry 4.0 has inspired a new generation of software tools to help manufacturers more efficiently run their businesses. Join Paperless Parts to learn strategies for how you can streamline the adoption of new technology in your business.