Hydrogen Generation From Renewable Energy

Installation and Hydrogen Production Cost Comparison

The installed cost model assesses wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power generation technologies. Click on the link below to access the excel file model. Within the model use the interface to select the wind turbine power output, wind class, hydroelectric average water flow rate, and pressure head height. If choosing “Class 7” wind you must specify the maximum wind speed expected at the power generation site. The output will compare all three technologies based upon the user chosen wind turbine power input. The analysis will present hydrogen production capacities and average cost per kilogram of generated hydrogen from the three renewable technologies.

The northeastern United States offers the potential for these renewable technologies. The potential for these technologies are highly dependent upon location and resource availability. For example, wind resources for economically viable projects in southern New England are highly scarce for on-shore locations. On shore locations typically do not have winds greater then “Class 3” intensity.

click here to access the model