Hydrogen Safety Panel

Hydrogen Safety Panel

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. will be coordinating technical workshops for the Hydrogen Safety Panel (HSP). The HSP will perform hydrogen safety outreach sessions in the Northeast U.S. to expedite hydrogen fueling and energy project deployment and promote public acceptance for hydrogen and fuel cell projects.

Who is eligible?

The widespread availability and communication of safety related information are crucial to ensuring the safe operation of future hydrogen and fuel cell technology systems. The outreach training sessions are primarily for public officials, code officials, and first responders; however, interested stakeholders such as project developers, property owners, etc are welcome to attend the training sessions, but registration is required.

What does it cost?

  • There is no cost for the training and assistance provided by the HSP.

What does it offer?

  • Strategic education and outreach to building and code officials, project developers, maintenance and storage facility owners, and other interested stakeholders in order to:
    • Help to ensure safety is adequately considered in early market and highly visible projects;
    • Bolster public confidence and acceptance of hydrogen technology;
    • Support stakeholder confidence and approval;
    • Assist in establishing stronger technical basis of project safety features;
    • Minimize over-designs that can result in higher costs and future institutionalization; and
    • Ensure that a trusted, experienced and objective safety resource is available to support early market deployment.

When & how do I apply?

There is no application process. Individuals or organizations interested in participating in one the proposed training sessions are encouraged to email Joel M. Rinebold at jrinebold@ccat.us.

Is there anything else I should know?

The outreach will begin in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, which are the core areas for hydrogen deployment in the Northeast US, and expand to other states as needed and appropriate.


2018 Schedule

The HSP will conduct training sessions and stakeholder meetings in the  Northeast US (NY/NJ, MA, CT/RI) for code officials, fire marshals, project developers, and other interested stakeholders on hydrogen to facilitate the safe and timely deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, including fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen fueling, and stationary applications.

Please see below for a tentative schedule of the training sessions and stakeholder meetings:

Connecticut: Sept 12, 2018 (training session and stakeholder meeting – New Haven)
Training session to be coordinated with the City of New Haven

Rhode Island: Sept 13, 2018 (training session – Westerly)
Training session to be coordinated with the New England Association of Fire Marshals

New Jersey: Sept 14, 2018 (training session and stakeholder meeting -New Brunswick)
Training session to be coordinated with the NJ Fuel Cell Coalition and NJ Clean Cities

Massachusetts: Oct 1, 2018 (training session – Amherst)
Training session to be coordinated with the New England Building Officials Education Association

Massachusetts: Oct 4, 2018 (stakeholder meeting)


Count on CCAT 

To learn more, contact Joel Rinebold at jrinebold@ccat.us | 860.291.8832