Going Beyond Standards

CCAT has developed comprehensive curricula for grades 5 -12 for use both in school and out of school that motivates and excites students about possibilities in STEM careers. CCAT’s unique in-house expertise and partnerships with government, industry, higher education, and other non-profits infuse our programming with authentic content from high-tech career areas. We can also work with schools and districts to develop new curriculum or assist in curriculum revision efforts, especially realignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Relevant contexts

  • Aerospace and innovation
  • Sustainable energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Robotics and programming

 Research-based strategies

  • Maximize student learning
  • Reinforce 21st century skills
  • Develop career awareness
  • Extensively tested
  • Next-Generation Science Standards-aligned

Engaging tools

  • Hands-on/minds-on activities
  • Computer simulations
  • Design software
  • 3-D printing and robotics
  • Multimedia-rich technology
Count on CCAT 

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