Our Technology Centers

Hybrid manufacturing with Henry Babiec, our Manufacturing Applications Engineer (DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D)

CCAT is known nationally for applying innovative technology in our world-class Advanced Technology Centers, where leading-edge equipment and systems are showcased, demonstrated, and evaluated. With our team of experts and network of machining and software companies, we offer a broad expanse of capabilities to evaluate technologies and process improvements.

Understanding the future of manufacturing is critical to serving our customers. We are leading national efforts to assess methods for machining parts made of aerospace alloys, refractory metals, ceramics, and composites.  In addition, we are conducting additive manufacturing research to improve the design, quality and capacity of manufacturing production.

To support increasing work with composites, we are also developing unique, composite machining capabilities that will help meld legacy metal machining with machining of  fiber reinforced composites.

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Advanced Composites Technology Center - Advancing STEM education and promoting careers through employer partnerships.
Applied Engineering and Manufacturing - Rely on CCAT's experts to lead and conduct applied engineering and manufacturing research.
Additive Manufacturing – Metals & Plastics - Producing prototypes, repairing components, and building new parts to help solve your complex challenges.
Precision Machining - Run better, faster and leaner using technologies that optimize machining and increase your productivity including 5-axis precision machining of hard metals with 0.0005" accuracy and sizes ranging 0.5 cu. in. to 24 cu. in.
Structured Light Scanning/Reverse Engineering - Get precise quality control reports and create 3D models from existing parts. CCAT can now inspect parts to 0.0003" accuracy and sizes ranging 0.5 cu. in. to 10 cu. ft.
Technology Workshops - Keep up with the latest technologies at CCAT's hands-on workshops.
Business Assessments - A candid, comprehensive evaluation of your manufacturing technology and operations with our proprietary, 100-point assessment.
Making Business Connections - Whether you are starting a manufacturing business or want to supplement your capabilities, we can connect you with reputable supply chain companies.
Funding / Grant Opportunities - Find out how CCAT can help you tap into potential funding resources for your manufacturing projects.

  • “Lights out manufacturing” = no human presence required on site. Japanese robotics company FANUC (factory automation, numerical control) can run lights out manufacturing for 30 days at a time -- almost entirely manned by robots.

  • ct.gov

    Manufacturers in Connecticut account for 11.17% of the total output in the state, employing 9.71% of the workforce

  • ct.gov

    Top manufacturing subsectors by % of total state manufacturing GDP; 2% Plastics/Rubbers, 20% Chemicals, 7% Electrical Equipment, 6% Computers/Electronics, 6% Machinery, 5% Food/Beverage, 25% Transportation Equipment, 12% Fabricated Metals, 8% Misc.


  • Manufacturing Innovation Fund (MIF) 2016 Annual Report

    More than $30 million is invested through the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund (CMIF) to drive new products/services and facilitate worker training.

  • National Association of Manufacturers, Connecticut Manufacturing Facts, 2014

    Connecticut manufacturers have exported more than $16.4 billion in goods around the world equaling nearly 95% of CT exports.

  • U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2014

    CT has a 33% higher concentration of high-tech workers than the national average and ranks third in the nation for percentage of employees with advanced degrees.

  • ct.gov

    United Technologies Corporation (UTC) will invest up to $500 million to upgrade and expand its aerospace R&D and manufacturing facilities over the next five years.

  • Connecticut Department of Labor, 2015

    Approximately 4,500 manufacturers employ over 159,607 private sector employees in Connecticut.