ATC Visitors


Directly behind the United Technologies Research Center in East Hartford, Connecticut.
Directions to ATC (GPS coordinates N 41 45′ 28″ W 72 37′.)

409 Silver Lane, East Hartford CT 06118
Phone: 860.610.0478
Fax: 860.610.0728

Please note: CCAT’s Advanced Technology Center is an export compliant facility.


1) Please provide the names and citizenship information of all visitors one week prior to the scheduled tour/visit by contacting Susan Hutchinson at or 860.282.4235. All visitors must be vetted in advance of any visit or tour.

2) Visitors are required to sign in and present proof of citizenship. Acceptable forms of identification include: verified license/ID, passport, green card, or birth certificate.
Please note: Visitors who are citizens of an embargoed country and do not have a valid US Green Card will not be permitted to participate in the tour.

3) Cell phone use inside the lab is prohibited. 

4) No photos or videos are allowed to be taken while inside the lab.

Safety glasses will be provided at the start of the tour and must be worn at all times inside the lab.

For any questions regarding CCAT’s export compliance policies, please contact Elinor Hargreaves, or 860.282.4283.