Sensofar + CCAT Partnership Delivers 3D Non-Contact Metrology Solutions to Connecticut Manufacturers

Sensofar + CCAT Partnership Delivers 3D Non-Contact Metrology Solutions to Connecticut Manufacturers

Sensofar + CCAT Partnership Delivers 3D Non-Contact Metrology Solutions to Connecticut Manufacturers

To bring leading-edge metrology solutions to the U.S., last year Sensofar added its 3D optical, non-contact measurement systems to the metrology capabilities within our Advanced Technology Center. Developing strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Sensofar allows CCAT to deliver the greatest value to the manufacturing supply chain — increasing its efficiency and competitiveness in a global market.

Recently we caught up with Adam Platteis, U.S. sales manager at Sensofar, and David Morganson, manufacturing application engineer at CCAT, to learn how the partnership is going and how Connecticut manufacturers are responding.  

Dr. Jackie Garofano with Sensofar’s S neox 3D optical non-contact profilometer.

David, tell us about your role in the partnership?

David: Jackie Garofano, our chief technology officer, brought in Sensofar’s systems so we could demonstrate their high-end metrology systems to our customers. Jackie invited me to “own it” and grow it. As such, I help companies solve engineering and inspection challenges as part of our technology outreach grants.

What makes Sensofar’s systems unique?

David: Their 3D non-contact metrology systems are one-of-a-kind. The profilometer fills multiple roles and has software specifically designed to support it as either a stand-alone or inline configuration. 

Sensofar S neox Five Axis

What companies have you introduced it to?

David: About half of the work I have done on the Sensofar is under an NDA, so that limits what I can share. But we’ve done work with large defense companies, small and large alternative energy research companies, medical companies and more.

Can you talk about any of the projects?  

David: The equipment is very versatile, so the demonstration projects have surprising variety. We have used it for dimensional inspections, geometric inspections, ultrasonic welding quality interrogation and surface finish measurement. Sometimes we push the limits to measure down to the Angstrom (10−10 m) — that is very small! — on frontal refraction mirrors. Other times we simply want to do imaging for AI database, building to drive better metallurgy in additive. 

What have you discovered?

David: I learned how important it is to have automatic piezo control of the optics system while pushing the limits of high magnification interferometry.

From left: Rob Savastano (of Aperture Optical Sciences), David Morganson and Adam Platteis

How have Connecticut manufacturers responded to it?

Adam: The reaction has been great. There’s been an uptick in local businesses using Sensofar equipment and expanding their knowledge of our optical surface metrology at CCAT.

David: People are amazed at how useful the Sensofar equipment is and how easy it is to operate. Our customers and I have been impressed with how responsive the Sensofar team has been. Their support has been fantastic with every project. In a few instances I brought in a challenge that pushed the limits, and the team was quick to offer software updates to enable even more advanced capabilities.

What has the CCAT + Sensofar partnership been like?

Adam: David’s deep understanding of industry applications and knowledge base for which solution may be most appropriate has opened the doors to introduce Sensofar to customers we had not worked with before. We appreciate David’s effort and CCAT for making it possible to offer advanced manufacturing solutions to local and surrounding businesses. 

“David has been instrumental in demonstrating the capabilities of Sensofar’s technology to local businesses.”

Adam Platteis, U.S. sales manager at Sensofar

David: It’s been tremendously valuable to have Adam and Daniel here locally to help me learn as I grow into the equipment. They see the value in exceeding the expectations of their user base. This is a big help and very appreciated.

What’s next?

Adam: I believe other companies will benefit from our technology as they learn more about CCAT and the advanced imaging capabilities they offer. We’re extremely grateful to partner with CCAT and we look forward to the future and our sustained partnership. 

David: We are excited to introduce more manufacturing companies to Sensofar. Later this month I’m co-leading a workshop with Adam on Optical Metrology and High Magnification Inspection.


Photo at top, from left: David Morganson, Rob Savastano, Alex Holley (both with Aperture Optical Sciences, a defense and space manufacturing company and Sensofar customer) and Adam Platteis

Learn more & register for “Optical Metrology and High Magnification Inspection,” a virtual technology training on 9/28 here.