Meet the CCAT Team: Paul Striebel

Meet the CCAT Team: Paul Striebel

Meet the CCAT Team: Paul Striebel

CCAT has many talented and dedicated staff members. Get to know our innovative team, what inspires them, and what they do to support the manufacturing industry here in Connecticut. Grab a cup of koffee and meet Paul Striebel, Program Manager.

Describe your job function. What do you do?
I currently oversee the administration of several state funded grant programs aimed at helping Connecticut manufacturers optimize their efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

What do you love most about your job?
Aside from the talented group of people I work with, I enjoy interfacing with the vast array of manufacturing companies in Connecticut. Listening to their stories of success and then being able to work with them to help further their growth in the state is highly satisfying to me.

Did you attend college? What was your major course of study?
I earned a B.S.B.A. in Accounting at Bryant University and then an M.B.A. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Have you ever worked as an intern or apprentice?
I spent two summers working as an intern for the Firearms Division of Colt Industries. The first summer, I worked in their Human Resources department, and the second year I spent working in their Quality Engineering group.

How did you get here?  Briefly describe your career history – where you have worked and how that led you to CCAT.
After completing a three-year Professional Development Program at Colt Firearms, I moved on to work in the Procurement Department within United Technologies Hamilton Standard Division. I spent almost twenty years working as Vice President and General Manager of a company that made packaging equipment.  When Package Machinery Company was acquired in 2006, I joined the CCAT team, where I have been ever since!

What do you love to do outside of work?
My hobbies are landscaping and woodworking, but I also try to enjoy watersports and explore the outdoors on my bicycle. I recently completed a beautiful 135-mile bicycling trip through the Netherlands!

What do you most love about Connecticut?
I love Connecticut’s diverse terrain. I can be swimming at the beach in the morning, bicycling on its rail-trails in the afternoon, and hiking in the hills at sunset!

Share a favorite motto or quote that inspires you.
“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!” – Dolly Parton.

What manufactured product can you not live without and recommend to others?
I built and patented a K-Cup vending machine about ten years ago. Thus, I have to endorse the Koffee
Karousel selfishly.

What TV shows are you currently watching?
I often find myself watching “This Old House” and then applying what I’ve learned on the weekend.

What music have you been listing to lately?
I was a D.J. in college, so I continue to love and listen to much of the music I played in the 80s.

What advice would you give to your younger self or a young person just starting their career?
Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and don’t give up!