PPP Loan Forgiveness Criteria – What Manufacturers Need to Know

PPP Loan Forgiveness Criteria – What Manufacturers Need to Know

By CT Manufacturers for CT Manufacturers
THURSDAY, JUNE 4 | 12:00-1:00 PM
Co-hosted by AMEP

McAllister & Quinn, LLC  a provider of government relations services will present an update on the latest regulations regarding COVID-19 financial support including the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application:  exemptions, payment flexibility,  details on the process and potential policy changes.

Webinar Slides and Recording

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  • Made in America Minute (Ari Santiago)
  • Spotlight of Women of Innovation (with CTC)
  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Criteria – Federal Updates (McAllister & Quinn)
  • CT DOL – Using Apprenticeship to Retain your Workforce (Todd Berch)
  • State Program Updates (Colin Cooper)
  • CT Manufacturers Perspectives

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