Fuel-cell vehicles await their moment

Fuel-cell vehicles await their moment

(Hartford Business Journal, 10/9/17)

Of the 5,565 electric vehicles (EV) registered in Connecticut, three are powered by fuel cells — which convert compressed hydrogen gas into electricity.

Fuel cell vehicles, or FCEVs, could help Connecticut’s EV ambitions, but it will require the state to adopt hydrogen fueling stations to become a factor.

“That is a huge barrier to moving forward,” said Joel Rinebold, director of energy initiatives at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, which administers the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster.

But progress is being made. Air Liquide, in conjunction with Toyota, is slated to open the state’s first commercial-scale hydrogen station by year’s end. There’s another facility at Proton OnSite in Wallingford.

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