5 Bizarre Uses for 3D Printing

5 Bizarre Uses for 3D Printing

5 Bizarre Uses for 3D Printing

(Robotics Trends, 08/09/17)

Have you discovered some interesting new uses for 3D printing? The list of 3D printed items is growing rapidly. It now encompasses items as diverse as industrial parts, consumer goods, foods, medical devices and even housing units.

Indeed, some 3D printing applications are more interesting than others. Here are five 3D printing applications that might surprise you!

Promoting Fertility

Biomedical fertility researchers recently made progress in the effort to restore damaged female fertility. Physicians used a 3D printer to generate artificial ovaries for female mice using gelatin. They then surgically implanted follicles containing eggs and hormone-producing tissues into these structures.

After mating, three of the seven mice gave birth to healthy litters. The technique represents a significant breakthrough and may one day assist women suffering from infertility.

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