How One Small Business Uses AI to Fuel Growth

How One Small Business Uses AI to Fuel Growth

(, 7/11/17)

From its founding in 2014, Emerging Technology Advisors has been a company built around elite technologists. “We started as a team helping companies solve complex problems, but our love of all things technological didn’t stop there,” says co-founder and CEO Glynn LoPresti. “In our spare time, we were building robots, creating developer communities, and teaching kids about technology.”

Working from the Refraction incubator, a collaborative co-working community in Reston, Virginia, ETA provides professional services such as infrastructure modernization and development work to a wide variety of clients.

It also supports STEM education through its New DaVinci program, an in-school education series that utilizes emerging technologies like drones, robots, and 3D printers to foster digital literacy and a passion for technology in students from second grade through high school.

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