Northeast is Next Market for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Northeast is Next Market for Fuel Cell Vehicles

(Planetizen, 5/22/17)

“Automakers and environmentalists have long hailed fuel cells as a revolutionary technology that can reduce planet-warming tailpipe emissions, which account for a significant portion of the greenhouse gases released in the United States,” writes Neal Boudette, automotive reporter for The New York Times.

After years of development, several models are now on the road, like the Toyota Mirai and the Honda Clarity FC [and soon the Hyundai Tucson].

The Northeast is “the next critical step toward a much wider distribution of fuel-cell vehicles,” said Craig Scott, director of Toyota’s advanced technology group. The densely populated Northeastern states “in some sense could rival California as a market,” he said, adding, “As a region, they have very good sales potential.”

Locations are in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. All have adopted the more rigorous California vehicle emission standards.
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