State looks to take advantage of ‘reshoring’ trend

State looks to take advantage of ‘reshoring’ trend

(Fairfield Citizen, 5/7/17)

For a host of reasons that have little to do with President Donald Trump, manufacturing is showing signs of an American comeback.

After decades where changes in manufacturing employment were characterized by offshoring, the current trend is toward “reshoring,” according to a report by location consultants The Boyd Co. of Princeton, N.J., which shows Connecticut faces steep challenges in taking advantage.

The state ranks No. 3 nationally on the list of most expensive places to run a factory, according to the report, behind only New Jersey and New York. South Carolina is the least expensive.

The findings are similar to others that show states in the Northeast have higher costs for labor, property values and taxes. John Boyd, CEO of the Boyd Co., said the report nonetheless makes clear there are changing trends that Connecticut can capitalize on with the right policies.

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