How Technology is Revolutionizing Education

How Technology is Revolutionizing Education

(EdNet Insight, 5/19/17)

The days when a class of students marched into the school’s computer room to spend an hour on a desktop machine learning how to use a spreadsheet are just about over. Today you are more likely to walk into a classroom and see students, each with a tablet, scattered about, working independently or in small groups, on assignments designed to meet their individual needs.

Technology is enabling the growth of personalized learning and thus the transformation of education as we have known it for generations. This is how:

  • How schools are organized
  • The school calendar and seat time requirements
  • What a textbook is
  • How students can learn at their own pace

Horace Mann returned from his honeymoon in Austria with an idea as to how to organize America’s schools in the dawn of the industrial revolution. The one-room schoolhouse was giving way to more students and more rooms, and we needed a way to organize. The K-12 grade level structure, where students were organized by age, was the imported solution.

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