Public-private partnerships key to workforce development

Public-private partnerships key to workforce development

(Hartford Business Journal, 4/3/17)

Amid Connecticut’s budget woes, the state received a nice gift last week from manufacturer and electronics maker Siemens.

The German conglomerate announced it is donating $315 million worth of manufacturing and product design software to the state’s community colleges to help better prepare students for advanced-manufacturing careers.

According to Siemens, the software is used by many innovative companies in the state, giving students real-world experience that will better prepare them for the workforce.

This is the type of private-public partnership Connecticut must promote and do more of if it wants to remain competitive in building its future workforce. As state government struggles with its fiscal crisis and takes the necessary steps to rein in spending, there will be less money available to invest in certain areas, including higher education and workforce development, as crucial as they are.

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